We see ecological and responsible action as an entrepreneurial obligation. Sustainable solutions rarely consist of just one measure or are realized with a single project. Rather, it is often the total number of small, by itself rather inconspicuous projects and ideas, that enable overall the positive development.  The work on projects in which economic and ecological advantages mutually reinforce one another becomes exciting. E.g. Thanks to the ingenious cooperation with an international trading company, over 200,000 kilometers can be saved every year.  That’s both economical and environmentally friendly.

Seemingly simple … For outsiders logistic processes seem to be very simple. Store products, move them by truck, ship or plane to the destination and unload there again. The complex supply chains of modern manufacturing and trading companies, the economic pressure towards increased efficiency and a variety of regulatory requirements make the daily logistic processes in reality but highly complex. Further improvements can only be achieved through in-depth cooperation between the companies involved, computer simulations and technical innovations possible. This is exactly where we start our research collaboration. In various projects we work together with other companies and scientific partners on future transport solutions.

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